Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why Manage My Peso?

Can you still remember the time when looked at the balance of your savings account in your favorite ATM machine, scratched your head, and thought out loud, "Where did my bonus and 13th month go?"

Because what was left was a small fraction of the money that used to be there, and you only have a vague idea of where did your money go.

Welcome to the world of mismanaged income!

Or how shocked you were when you opened that crisped credit card Statement of Account only to find out that your Total Due Amount was almost one half of the income you would receive by the 15th?

Welcome to the world of mismanaged spending!

How about the time you got promoted and received a substantial raise only to find out later that your income was still not enough?

Welcome to the world of mismanaged lifestyle!

From my own experience I believed that these three 'MIS' are the leading causes of the financial woes of many families most specially the average income earner, and the middle class.

It is from these beliefs and the desire to help address this that this blog is born. So the purpose of this blog is to help those Filipinos who are average income earner and those who belongs to the middle class to overcome their financial woes caused by mismanagement of financial resources like mismanaging income, mismanaging spending, mismanaging lifestyle, and others through sharing of simple, practical, and easy-to-follow ways of managing financial resources that we've learned from the school of hard knocks as well as from the Bible.

After all who knows better about managing financial resources than the Creator, the source of life? 

We don't claim to make you rich. There are other sites that specialize on this. But our simple vision is to see you get out of debt, live free of bad debt, keep and enjoy your hard-earned money, and grow your money. If this is what you have in mind then...

Welcome to How to Manage My Peso!

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